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  1. Tuqueque's Shack

    Where: 16030@barter on smp8

    You give 6 stone slabs, I give you 2 iron

    You give 17 diamond, I give you a Notch Apple(18,55,4,32 in stock)
    More trades will be added soon!

    Does tuqueque need to be online to do the trade? no! is all redstone powered

    In case of an error:

    This has been tested many times, and approved by staff, but in the unlikely incident of:
    If there is a mistake, I can see it in my rupee history, so the refund will happen if an unlikely redstone failure happens. and the contraption doesn't give you the expected item , contact tuqueque

    If the system gives you more items than expected, please inform the glitch to tuqueque, ASAP, and return the item.

    Probs is that few people will use it, but still I liked creating the redstone! it was all made by me, no youtube!
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  2. I see I have a lil competition here ;) Mayhaps I'll swing by and take a look at your wares lol
  3. bump, 19 Notch apples in stock! come before they run out! REMEMBER to not sell more than once at a time, wait till you get the apple, then sell again