Barnyard Blitz

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  1. Barnyard Blitz
    Have you ever gotten bored of mob arena? Do you want to compete with other players, but you can't PVP? Well not to worry. There is a new game in town! Barnyard Blitz is all about trying to lure as many animals as you can into your teams trap pit. This event will be held weekly if I can find an open time for me that doesn't coincide with other weekly events. This event will be located on SMP7 at /v +barnyardblitz or /v +bb. Times will be posted in second post.


    So there are 4 teams: Pig, Chicken, Cow, and Sheep. Each team has 4 members. Each team have a specific section of the field. The goal is to lead the animals that spawn at the middle to your team's trap pit near your base. Each animal you catch is worth 1 point. For each animal that is your team's animal (i.e. Catching a cow if you are on Team Cow) , you get 2 points.

    Power-Ups and Special Animals
    There are a couple of power-ups in Barnyard Blitz.
    • Rainbow Sheep: Rainbow sheep are positive power-ups. They give your team a positive advantage
    • Mooshroom- Mushrooms gives you a negative power-up to use on opponents.
    Positive Power-ups

    • Your team gets a speed potion
    • All animals spawned for the next 15 seconds are your team's animal
    • Someone on your team gets a nearly broken fishing rod to steal other teams animals with
    • 3 of your animals are turned into your team's animal
    Negative Power-ups
    • You steal 1 animal from each of your opponents
    • An opponent is chosen at random and 3 of their animals are taken away and put into egg machine
    Special Animals

    • Rabbits: Rabbits are worth -3 points
    • Upside-down animals: Upside-down animals are worth 3 points
    So would you want this game to be part of your event? Well you can! Just Pm me and you can arrange a time. You can even create new rules if you would like to.
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  4. Hey this sounds really fun! Would love to have it part of my event!
  5. Reminds me of Creature Capture. Sounds cool.
  6. Similar to Creature Capture, but its like a 2.0 version! :p I am excited for this.
  7. Ok since I probably won't be able to find a time every week to do this, I will open it up to use for events! Just PM me