Barks Castle project

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  1. Hey guys,

    I got the idea to create a big castle on my lot the other day. Not very original I know, but hey, I like it.

    I've started on the walls and the gate at the front and thought I'd share where I'm up to.

    So, here is the main gate:

    Here is one side of the wall, complete with moat.

    Here is a view from the top of the middle tower on that wall looking inside the grounds.

    This is the view inside the grounds for now. It's a mess and will have the castle in there at some point.

    So, thats where I'm up to. I'll keep this thread updated when I make changes to my lot.

    If anyone wants to take a closer look I'm on smp3 lot 6406.

    P.S There is a chest out front for cobblestone, I will buy 64 for 9r.
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  2. Looks great, I realize castles have been done to death, but with the myriad of different blocks to use, everyone is different.
    Your off to a fantastic start, I look forward to seeing your updated pics.
  3. Thanks shaun.

    I agree, castles are not very original, maybe I'll get a utopia lot one day and create something random :p
  4. Ok, so I've done a bit more work on my castle so I thought I'd update.

    The outer walls and towers are now complete.

    Here is the new view from the main gate:

    Here are the views from my windows, sunrise and sunsets :)

    So that's where I'm up to so far! I'm working on gathering more cobble to finish the main structure, then I can begin work on the grounds of the castle and then the interior.

    There is a chest outside the main gate which will buy 64 cobblestone for 9 rupees should anyone wish to help me out with this. :)

    smp3 6406

  5. I'm not going to post pics here, but my brother is also building a castle on SMP3. Check it out at lot 6003.
  6. anyone else realize that "sexyskyline" was swearing?

    and i really like the castle :)
  7. Update time!

    Here is the view from outside the front gate now. The main structure is pretty much finished.

    Here is the first part of the inside. I've only just started adding decor etc.

    Here is a different view from the inside.

    Again if anyone wants a closer look, its 6406 on smp3.