Barkley's Chicken Shack!

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  1. Just opened up a little Chicken Shack on SMP5. I'm selling 32 cooked chicken for 32 rupees! What a deal! My res number is 10872. It's not much to look at yet, but if this ends up being successful I'll spruce the place up a bit. :)
  2. Good idea… and good price, THE BEST PRICE YET!
  3. Thanks, that was my plan. Cheap. :) I will be branching out to other forms of food as well, steaks will be coming soon!
  4. You'll have to mate the cow unless you want to spend a ton of rupees on spawn cow eggs… I can show you a pic of a sample ckicken machine… it has mare than 200 chickens in it.
  5. Thanks, but I have it under control. I have two chicken farms. One has maybe 100 chickens for eggs, and the other can hold about 300-400 chickens for meat.
  6. WOA the chicken thing I use separates by which dispenser t it comes out of. One is for egging and has about 50 chickens in , and one is for killing. What we do at 5360, is all the eggs we get go into a chest, then when the chest is full, *pulling lever* we kill the chickens on fire and it also gives us feathers then we fill the dispense full so the chest is out of eggs, and wait for the chickens to grow and repeat the process.
  7. I like to kill them by hand. Gives me some xp and relieves some of the tension caused by all the chicken noises...
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  8. It's SOOOOOO much faster using fire. *Lights a lighter**sets his res on fire*
  9. Trolling
  10. Can i sell eggs at ur res?
  11. No, I am not buying any eggs. I produce more than enough for myself.
  12. no i mean can i set up a little shop chest at ur res?
  13. That's an even bigger no.
  14. k sorry just wondering.
  15. Now selling Cooked Beef! 32 for 64r!