~Banner Creator Needed~

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  1. So I am making a giant storage room and putting items in sections based off of single player. So I am looking for somebody to create a banner for each section that represents that section. The sections I need them for are Building Blocks,Decoration, Red Stone, Transportation, Food, Tools( Pickaxe and that stuff are hear), Combat( Bows swords and armor), Brewing, Enchanted Books, Written Books, Heads, Materials, Misc, and farming. So I need a custom banner for each of those that I can put up in the place. I will pay you 500r per banner. I would like them done as soon as possible. Please say in the comments if you are doing it so I don't have a bunch of people making some. Any questions ask in the comments section below.
  2. I'm not too good... could maybe do the building blocks one. Will look into it- otherwise i'd have a look on youtube. :D
  3. ok
  4. I have almost all of those banners in my mall. Sending now.
  5. Also just added need a farming banner.
  6. You can get quite a few of those from my shop at 2113, I sell all my banners for 100r so you'd be saving money. If I'm out of stock on any, let me know. I've been busy lately.
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  7. ok ty ill check it out