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  1. I got hacked. How do i know u ask? well i got on my account went mining and got kicked i logged back in to find me at top of mine and the hole was still there so i knew it wasn't lag (because if i get kicked of lag everything i did in the last 5 minutes disappears) then later that day i got off to go get dinner when i came back i found me in the wild with a flint and steel, a bucket of lava, a moderator right next to me and, houses on fire near me. I instantly tried to say "Plz don't ban me!" i couldn't type what happened because he was standing still so i knew he was already typing command to ban me then i got banned for greifing.

    I have spent probally spent 700 hours of my life playing on this server it is my favorite i have changed my password so im fine now (it had to be a fellow empire minecrafter to hack me to know how to get me banned) i need someone to unban me please please please. i don't know if u believe this story but it is true but i really want to get my favorite server back
  2. PM a mod to find out the mod that banned you and THAN Pm them and take it up with them.
  3. Not our problem. Like Biscuit said, this is between you and whoever banned you.
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  4. haha. since two people on the same account cant log in at the same time, its really unlikely that you logged in soon after the other guy logged out. it would have to be recent since the mod teleported to you.
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  5. Closing thread.
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