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Is exploring a community(house) illegal?

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  1. K first of all, there is no place to put a ban appeal. Second, and most importantly, I was banned for reasoning with dark_liz about exploring a community. So I walk around exploring a community just looking at creations, go in this guys house, he rages. He tells me to leave I ask him why he rages more, liz rages etc etc. I leave after like 3 mins of being in this guys house, after liz says everyone in the house will be banned for not leaving..., and start asking about why can't you explore a community. She mostly ignores everything, and (24 hr) bans me. That's abuse to me. NOWHERE in the rules, or anywhere on this site, does it say exploring a community is illegal (if you don't leave a house?) so generally I would expected to get unbanned before the 24 hour period. It seems I'm hated on this server, being banned for saying "retard" once or twice, when i've seen tons tons tons more profanity and spam and caps abuse not being dealt with. So unban me or show me where it says it's illegal to explore. I'd also like to know if I am hated, or just bad luck. I'm prepared for a big argument with liz about what did and did not happen so get back to me soon. Thanks
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  2. From what I reading, you were banned for not listing to Liz. The rules to do what the moderators say. Check out the link.
  3. Now did they give you a warning before they banned you??

    Also if they did ask you to leave (because its there plot). You should do so because you could be in there way. Now the other reason you got ban was probably because you where antagonizing others on the server and they kicked a few people at the same time.

    Dont forget the mods are under a lot of stress with all these people on the server (main reason i didnt apply) to many youngsters.
  4. While you are in the right saying that exploring a community house is legal, you might want to take your argument to a private conversation with a moderator instead of broadcasting it across the global channel next time.

    I'm not trying to knock the bark off of your tree, but maybe you should take into account what was happening at the time. Liz was the only moderator on at the time and three different people were trying to talk to her at once. In the gaggle of conversation being thrown about the global channel, your questioning could have very easily come off as whining.

    I hope that this clears up at least a few questions. ^_^

    - Ahzrael Khastre
  5. Actually, I said (check the logs) I'm going to take this into private now. That was the first thing I said.
  6. The only warning I got was "Leave the property or all people associated will get 24 hour ban."
  7. Did she give you reasonable time to leave
  8. That wasn't the issue. I left after being warned to leave, then brought it to private.
  9. Based on hearing various angles of the story, I feel the correct action was taken. You weren't banned for exploring the community, you were banned for not listening to a moderator, which is in the rules. Regardless or not if we agree with rules in places we spend time, we must follow them regardless. As stated, there may be times where someone doesn't want people in their residence while they're working on something. I'm sure at some point we all need that space. Now, just above, you mentioned you stayed in for at least 3 minutes after you were told to leave, by the moderator. Taking away EVERYTHING else, that right there was the reason for the temp ban.

    In terms of you being "disliked", I will tell you that is a very silly idea. We don't know you anymore than we know anyone else on the server, therefore, there is really nothing to dislike specifically. Since you did ask though, I will give you a heads up on something you may wish to work on. You don't seem to like taking orders from those in charge. Again, this is something we can relate to, nobody really does, whether it's online or a boss at a job. However, most rules are put in place for a reason and it's to help keep things for the entire force or community in order.

    You're not disliked, but we simply must ask, then when an admin or moderator tells you something, please know it's not personal, and there are certain guidelines we must follow to keep some sort of order in place.
  10. To clarify, I was in there 3 mins, told to leave, and left. The guy was just freaking out on everyone for some unknown reason. I think Liz is ban happy. A kick would've gotten the message through, NOT a ban. Indeed I don't like taking orders but mainly when they are not reasonable. Ban for exploring? Unreasonable. Ban for "retard"? Unreasonable. A kick would do fine. Now is not a good time for me since it's late in my time zone but I will continue in the morning. (don't know if this will come through twice cause I'm on my phone and can't find the text I previously typed.)
  11. This thread is over, you have made your point and I am locking it. If you start another I will ban you from the site. If you want a server where you can call people retards and you don't have to obey moderators then find another server, simple as that.
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