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  1. I got banned for 24 hours by Chickeneer, for "Inappropriate Internet Li", though I never said anything against the rules, and at the time I was just asking someone to help me with a job. What do I do? I now have a person I've never met who can freely build on my res, and I can't turn it off.
  2. Pm the moderator who banned you (Chickeneer) with an appeal.
  3. This is not the right way to appeal and actually makes your chances worse if it was a perma ban as you obviously didn't read the guide.
  4. This does nopt appear to be an appeal, but a question "Why was I banned?"
    Either way PM chickeneer for answers :)
  5. Can you appeal a tempban?
  6. You can technically appeal any ban on the off chance we made a mistake.
    But temp. bans are usually non-negotiable.

    Closing this thread now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.