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  1. My account theo_pie have been banned from like 1.7.3 but i never for access to forums, now i got.
    I am banned for the reason: Wow....
    Someone unbann me or tell me what i did wrong?
    Best Regards theo
  2. what was the reason?

  3. PM the mod that banned you. The community doesn't need to know.
    If you don't know who banned you, PM any mod and they can forward it to the correct person.
  4. Whats the mod's name then :p?
  5. Read the second line of my post...
  6. yes the reason was :
  7. Wow = World of Warcraft
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  8. We do not need to know. Just PM a mod. We can't help you, they can.
  9. Judging from the troll face you look like a griefer/hacker/xrayer/bad person/stalker :p
  10. Well maybe to you, to me its just a stupid face.
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  11. I love you too.
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  12. i meant the trollface...And when i got banned i didnt have trollface....
    If its not allowed then i just make a new skin...
  13. Its allowed. I'm just saying my affection towards you :)
  14. Kk
  15. You've been banned for over 5 months. You were banned before we had the Square logs so it's not possible for a mod to see what you were banned for. I'm going to unban you, but I will make a note in Square that you were perma-banned for some reason and that if we have any issues with you that you should be perma-banned again based on the fact that you are operating under a "last chance." I'd advise you to familiarize yourself with both the rules and the Terms of Service to avoid this.

    And there's nothing wrong with the trollface.
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  16. Ok thank you very much but will i still have my stuff in the smp2 server?
  17. You will probably still have your inventory, but any items or residence will have been reclaimed by the server months ago.
  18. *sadface* Oh well, how do i get a new plot then?
  19. Do /tutorial and all will be explained.
  20. Got one already(3830) but thanks anyways