Banned Users' residences

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  1. I know they'll be reset eventually if the owner's appeal gets rejected, but what a waste of resources...

    So this leads me to my suggestion; Can we open up permabanned users' residences for a few days before it's reset, so that other players may take and use the materials?

    I know I might get a lot of criticisms on this, but think about it. If they appeal their ban, and it's rejected, then all the resources on their res goes to waste. Wouldn't it be better to just open up the res, so that people can gather what they want from their doomed houses on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    It just sounds a lot better than to just get rid of all their stuff...
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  2. I am actually against this, because it is giving stuff away that people didn't earn :( and I think it would water down our thriving economy. But as usual I am open to being convinced :)
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  3. I agree with this, things should be earned/farmed or paid for.
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  4. Yes yes, I'm open for crits and I see where you two are coming from. Personally, I agree with Justin... I also don't like my own idea because it just gives off that griefing vibe, as in, It would feel like your greifing someone. (A feeling of guilt)

    But I like my idea only because all those doomed materials will be going back to the community to be reused... rather than gone forever. I'm not sure if this is a good idea, I just thought I'd put it out there.
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  5. i am a sheep whatever is decided i eat , wait did i get that wrong lol
  6. This idea is... interesting. I am partially opposed though. Maybe we could somehow profit from their loss; where there is a will there is a way! :p
    I mean we don't necessarily have to use this exact idea. We could definitely brainstorm ideas for a better system!
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  7. I was meditating on this while at work today, and I thought of a good, but possibly over-complicated solution to the whole "You didn't earn the resources... Griefing" problems. Perhaps we could do something like an auction, or just build some sort of store stocked with permanently banished players valuables.

    Just an idea.
  8. Oh economic issues in minecraft, what next? Pheonix Wright appears and does a OBJECTION musical? Might not want to jinx it o.o.......
  9. or we could blow up their lots before resetting XD have a nice fireworks display to show them off to the next world :D
  10. Thats a good point u got that importerer, but violence isnt always the answer! ....usually
  11. The point of my idea is to save valuable resources from being gone forever, not to make them gone forever.
  12. I agree with green mystery a sly kind of bit... i mean really, might as well sense we're restarting it. Am i right? o. o Nyan Cat seems to agree!
  13. well, i provide a somewhat radical opposition to your idea :D i do like the idea of auctions, or have pvp tourneys for particular things. like chest inventory. or a sum of their rupees.
  14. Go figure and what-not and i will now go lick a lollipop BYEE