Banned Players Posting on Forums

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mtp1997, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. I have seen plenty of banned players complaining on the forums or asking for their bans to be repealed. I have already seen this twice today. So, I think that perma-banned players should not be allowed to post on the forums. They should be allowed to have PMs with staff only. What is your opinion on this?
  2. Add a poll into this: I will vote yes a 100 times.
  3. I agree I have seen so may complaints on the forums while at my time at EMC
  4. Reading the title of this thread, it sparked the same idea in my head.
    I agree to this.
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  5. did u also see a light bulb hovering over your head?
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  6. Also, I think that temp-banned players should not be allowed to post on the forums until their ban is lifted.
  7. I think it's funny when they try to appeal a ban on the forums. They often have very little to say to prove their innocence other than: "Omg, pls uban me i won't do it again k?".

    I think it's humorous and a source of entertainment. I vote no on this proposition to censor entertainment on the EMC forums.
  8. I totally agree! Though it does seems selfish to laugh at them while others don't like it.
  9. It's one of those things that are funny and annoying at the same time.
    Maybe Justin could add a new forum titled "Ban Appeals" with a sticky saying how to properly appeal bans and not to use the forum. Lol...Just kidding
  10. Perhaps a Forum entitles 'Ban Appeals' that links you to 'Rick Rolled' video would be more appropriate.
  11. Some people may not realize it, but there are definitely bans that are successfully appealed. Usually they were bans for relatively minor offenses.

    Frankly, I like the idea of site bans being tied to server bans. All of the appeal threads do get a little tiresome. Some of them are funny, though. Ultimately Justin and Jeremy are in charge of whether or not ideas like this are implemented--mostly Justin since he has to do the programming.
  12. i personally dont mind i find it funny
  13. It is very annoying to see it on the forums, and rather childish to see them beg to be un-banned but still very humorous ! ^_^
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  14. very humorous
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  15. I will admit it does get a little annoying having to direct everyone to the proper appeal procedure. However, those who make forum threads about it, I actually take that into account when they appeal. So it is always in their best interest not to do it.
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  16. i dont like this because im afraid 1 day i will be framed and banned and i would still like to interact on the forums, however players who are banned and start to complain should be warned and if they do not listen banned from the site.
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  17. Maybe just make it so that banned users cannot post a thread or a reply that contains the word "ban"? That would make those threads even funnier.

  18. I'd like to think we're exceptionally good at weeding out those who were framed from those who actually do things--with the caveat that you are always responsible for what is done by your actual account. But as for things like someone's name being written on signs, every staff knows that isn't real evidence.
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  19. i no and i have seen the mods and admins do a great job:) ,but either way i cant stand the thought of not being able to post on this website :)
  20. It sounds like you plan on being banned shortly... Guilty conscience much?
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