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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Biblenut007, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. Hey guys apparently I was banned for using an "X-ray texture Pack"? Okay 1, what is that? And is there a way I can become un-banned? :confused:
  2. Pm the moderator that banned you by finding their name on the site, and clicking the start conversation option. Be sure to tell them what all went on and why you should be unbanned.
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  3. Okay thank you!
  4. First of all dont appeal this way, Then PM the mod that banned you.
  5. A x-ray texture pack lets you see through the ground, and lets you find ores. Don't deny you weren't using one, the mods can detect them.
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  6. I don't even know what it is! xD But thanks. I pm him through here?
  7. Yes you do
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  8. Who was the moderator that banned you?
  9. Yes, You PM him here if they are not online just PM one that is on
  10. Did we all just post at the same time? xD
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  11. Haha his name is "Ignoramoose"?
  12. Yes, Yes we did
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  13. If its true you weren't using an x-ray texture pack, you will be let off with no problems. If it is false, and they accept your appeal, your lot, money, AND inventory will be reset. This is so any gain that you got is reset, to keep it fair.
  14. Dont forget Vault
  15. Okay thanks guys. I dont know, I dont have much at all really. xD I have no ores either I dont think.
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