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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Southflyer123, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. I Don't want to cause trouble but I am Banned...
    I'm a Big Diamond Collector and i just want to know how im banned!
    It started out when this Guy Was Flying On my res so I reported him and i'm now accused of
    "Using Nodus/Xray hacks"
    At-least tell me if i can ever join again?
    I was about to become a diamond Member...
  2. Hey there man. The best way for you to go about a ban appeal is to private message the moderator who banned you, and they can help you out that way. If you don't know who it was then check out the staff page (under the members tab) and start a conversation (private message) with one of them. Pick a staff member who is further down the list. IceCreamCow and JustinGuy are already busy enough with other staffing matters :)
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  3. Being a diamond member doesnt matter. PM a staff member to ask who banned you. Click on their profile picture, the click on "Start a Conversation".
  4. Thanks! I found it kinda Ironic though... and funny
  5. I know i was going to but this happened :p and i will!
  6. Always beaten by someone in a thread like this!:)
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  7. Gotta be on the ball, my friend. ;)
  8. The proper way to appeal is posted in the thread. I am closing this now.
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