Banned for No Reason?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by masked_savage, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. I was banned for 'scamming', however all I offered was to sell my XP orbs.

    Could somebody please clarify why this would result in a ban.
  2. I'll tell a mod now. To check the log book.:)
  3. You cant sell your XP orbs... which part wasnt a scam?
  4. You can just kill your self in the wild and let the person collect the orbs
  5. but you collect very few orbs

    and players should not be doing this, as there is no exact amount as to how much xp you will be getting.

    I do not know why this is all of a sudden a big thing to "buy xp"

    but people should stop.
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  6. U can kill ir self in the wild and someone can pick up ur xp orb.

    Or so i was told
  7. Please unbann him
  8. im not going to unban him. I did not ban him. this is not the proper way to appeal to a ban.
  9. Yea, your right just put in a bann apeal. You've been playing for a long time I'm sure they'll lift the bann!!good luck:)
  10. Ismooch,how do you know if your mod aplication Went good or Bad?
  11. The correct ban appeal is not a thread, and yes a pm with the moderator that applied the ban, if he doesn't know who made the ban, maybe the one who made any kind of warning to him or the one that was online at the time of the ban.

    If he doesn't know who made the ban, starting a conversation with any moderator will be ok, since all of them can see those pm.
  12. That's right. Ban appeals must be made in a private conversation with the moderator who banned you.

    If you're not sure which moderator banned you send your appeal to a sr. moderator or admin and the moderator who banned you will be added to the conversation.
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