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  1. I have not done anything, the only thing i can think of getting banned for was taking a sword from a chest in the wild. Empire Minecraft has the best servers and community i have ever been on. If i have aggravated someone I am truly sorry and hope to be unbanned. Please unban me Empire Minecraft!!!!- My name is DungHeapOfLife
  2. Pm The Mod That Banned You
  3. Information on Empire Minecraft player DungHeapOfLife
    Group: Regular
    Ban Status: Permanently banned
    Ban Reason: Griefing, stealing
    First Emoire Sign-in: 10 days ago
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  4. Once again i am really sorry and i will never do anything to even resemble hacking or mods. I do not even use hacks. I am truly sorry and if i could please be unbanned from EmpireMinecraft , you will never even remotely hear from me again. This is the best server and would never want to have any reason to be banned from it. Please unbann me!
  5. bbbbbuuuuummmmmppppp
  6. That is not how it works. PM a moderator, but generally if you get banned and admit to doing it you stay banned not to get your hopes up.
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  7. i did not do anything , so what do you think I admitted too. Taking something from a chest is acceptable and there is no rule against it.
  8. Thou Shall Not Steal
  9. No Anywhere
  10. It is inappropriate to discuss a ban here.

    Speak to the mod.

    Nothing that you, or anyone else, says on here can help.
  11. well anyway how do i know what moderator banned me? or admin
  12. Pick one and start a conversation. They are listed on the sidebar to the right on the Home page. They'll help you. Posting here will get you nothing.
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  13. Ya thanks biscuitboy, i followed you. One more thing though, since i cant get on the server how am i supposed to ask a mod who banned me. I would greatly appreciate it if you could give the name of someone to pm
  14. In my previous post there is a link, click that.
  15. Because you stole from someone, and think its ok just because its in the wild, I have to say...

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  16. It is wrong to steal DungHeap!!!
    But I must point out that I remember reading something ICC posted about anything you build or put in chests in the wild your doing at your own risk. And that you should always lock chests with valuables in them!
    I'm not saying DungHeap isn't at fault cause he is. But I think whoever had this sword he took from a chest in the wild. Well I think it's there fault too!!, Just as much as DungHeap.
    Also, Don't post this kind of stuff on the forums, contact a mod, or an admin, you can do so here.
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