Banned = banned

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  1. Banned users shouldn't be able to post on the website.

    That's all, really.
  2. Agreed. Ive said it before, there should be a boared that only banned members can access (Like there would be a board for staff to only access). There they could plead there case away from our prying eyes ;)
  3. Mods - nobody has objected to this, and it seems like a Good Idea™ so... can you make this happen?
  4. How would people appeal?

    Sometimes mods will do a preventive ban, and take the issue up with the user on appeal...

    That option will now be eliminated, along with future unbans etc..
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  5. But sometimes we get funny ban appeals in here xP and sometimes everyone needs a good laugh
  6. I think its a bad idea, Even though the have been banned the might still want to get in touch with the SMC community and talk to some of there friends that they met on Empire
  7. They should be allowed to PM moderators, but not PM others, post/comment on threads, or make their own threads.
  8. I object!

    Silly idea, really. What if the banned people want to get in touch with their friends they met on EMC? And some of the appeals are funny as :p

    "Justinguy please help meee i can't live without EMC i'm gonna die tomorrow if you don't unban me now help me please!!!11!"
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  9. I agree, if they're banned they don't deserve to get to use this site (accept to PM moderators) even if they want to contact friends. They should of thought about that before they did what ever they did to get banned.
  10. The main problem with that is being banned from the forums = being banned from the website completely at this current time. Players may need to appeal, and they don't always appeal correctly, but that's fine. If it's rude, then they do get site banned. If it's polite, usually someone points them in the right direction, and we get the appeal. The current system we have right now works fine, and if it ever needs to be changed, it will be. So chillaaax. :)
  11. +1 For Max