Banned again!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by MudkipzShadowz, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. I got Banned this time for Advertising in smp1. i didn't know that it was breaking a rule No one ever said. See, I'm the kid at school with no friends, the one that gets picked on, i have no one to play Minecraft with me. So i made a server and Asked if any one wanted to Join me on this server.
    EMC is a Great place. A Place to make Friends. I have played other servers, None as Friendly as EMC.
  2. PM the mod that banned you. This thread will be closed.
  3. PM the Mod that banned you with a good reason to get unbanned.\

    EDIT: Darn jay2a beat me to it.
  4. Wow, this is going to end well.
    Wrong way to appeal, PM the Mod who banned you.
  5. This is not the right way to appeal a ban-if you want to try to get unbanned, you need to send in a proper ban appeal to the staff member that banned you.
  6. 9. Thou Shalt Not Be a Pain In The Chat

    Do not beg for items or residence permissions, and do not expect the staff or other players to answer all your questions; do not be demanding; do not ask to become a moderator, do not ask to be teleported, and do not advertise other servers in the chat. If you come on the server just to advertize another server you will be banned permanently without warning.
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  7. ask people in the mc forums too;)
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