Banks are not allowed.

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  1. I had an idea to make a bank in my Res (11300-smp5).
    Than I thought it would be cool if I will make it cross server. Than I got to smp2 and gearmaster09 liked my idea!
    I like my bank, but it has only smp5 and smp2. So only 1 registered.
    I need some help in other servers. So I need someone's help in expanding the bank to other Res.
    If someone (not from smp2 or 5) would help- It would be awesome!
    You can go check out the bank, soon il'l have a message book- for item transfers, when the server would be updated (in the newest snapshot there is editable books). Thanks for reading!
  2. /purchase vault
  3. When you say 'Bank' youmean ruppees right? If you do why do you need a bank on every server just make a Free website on Webs or Weebly and link to it and people can apply for loans that way they can go there for updates and pay you in game.

    Or just have the one bank and since its rupees people can log on go to the bank talk to you get money and go to home server. Why do you need one on every server?
  4. well-vault costs 10r per open-when i have different method.
    when i say bank i mean items. and items aren't fully global
  5. Banks and loans are not allowed in EMC.

    What do you mean items are fully global?

    Anything you want on one server, you can have on another if you are in Town and use the /vault

    10r is nothing, it's a pittance. You could make 10r by selling someone 32 blocks of sand.
  6. Ill buy that! ;)
  7. Banks are not permitted in EMC. You will be banned if you continue to run such a "service" here.
    The opportunity for scams and theft are much to high for this to be acceptable. Humans are at risk for temptation, which is why we offer Vault at a very small price of only 10r per transaction.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.