Bank Loaning Service

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  1. Hello, and I have decided that I will be creating a rupee ‘’loaning’’ service. Now because there are risks involved with the person borrowing rupees, and of course fraud, I have decided that if you would like to borrow rupees you must fill out this ‘’survey’’ below and post it into the comments in order to loan money. Now just a side note, if you do not pay me back you will be permanently banned from my residence, and I will be sure to do everything in my means to make sure you do not scam any player ever again. At the moment I’m going to say that the minimum amount is 250R and the maximum is 1000R. I know for some of you that maximum may seem a little low, but if this goes well and no problems occur I may change it in the future.

    1. How long have you been playing on Empire Mine Craft?
    2. Who referred you/got you into playing on this server?
    3. What is the reason that you want to borrow rupees?
    4. How many rupees would you like to borrow?
    5. How long do you want to pay me back? (Keep in mind that I will be charging interest, so the longer you take to pay me back, the higher amount of rupees you will owe me)

    *Note* Please, if I am not online send me a message telling me the EXACT time you paid me

    Please copy and paste the following statement with your name included to confirm that you agree my terms. (next paragraph)

    I, (your name), understand that it is my responsibility to pay back 100% of the money I borrow by the time that I have stated above, and if I do not then I will be banned from residence 6493 on smp3 until I have paid the money in full back to Firebox360. I, (your name), also agree that I will be charged 10% interest every week (real time) that I am borrowing the money, including an immediate 5% interest fee for the starting money I borrow. If I go over what I said the time I will be paying Firebox360 then I, (your name), will be charged with 33% interest every week until it is paid in full and in addition will be charged an immediate 200R late fee. I also completely understand that Firebox360 has the right to reject your loan, and if I do not have a reasonable reason to be borrowing that I shall be denied as well. *Please write your name here if you have read and agree with the following paragraph written above*---à (Your name)

    Now please, if you have found any flaw in what I have written or think something should be different, please tell me immediately. Thank you