Bank Accounts/Account Savings [IDEA]

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  1. I recently had an idea when the dreaded diamond dupers sold a huge amount of diamonds to shops across EMC. This idea is called a Bank Account/Account Savings. The idea is you can store an amount of money in your account and that money will not be touched. So lets for say I have 200,000 rupees, I put 100,000 rupees in my bank account, now I have 100,000 rupees in my physical account. When someone tries to sell me a huge amount of items my physical account gets depleted, now I have 0 rupees in my physical bank account, but now I still have 100,000 rupees in my bank account leaving me safe.
  2. I like it. This is one main reason I don't like having a "for sale" shop
  3. Yeah, one time I got sold out because someone sold me too many stuff....
  4. You can always prevent your shop from being 'oversold' by placing single dirtblocks in the chest you dont want a high amount of. For example: you have a single chest, with diamonds, but you dont want to have a stock of 27stacks of diamond. Place a dirt in every spot except one, and your diamond stock is now limited with 1 stack!
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  5. I know
    but I forgot and put the price much too high

    And if people want to buy a 40 stacks than that isn't in stock, because of the dirt
  6. I'd like a savings account - to keep it separate, so I don't blow all my money when I get carried away with something.
  7. Like I don't do that with my "Ore Exchange".

    Well guess what you can't always place a placeholder in all of the items in your shop. You know Oleyy? He went from 500k to somewhere 38k. So placeholders are not always the solution. So you should be thinking about your arguments and somewhat.

    *Debate boss* Lol I am also the best debater in my debate team so ;P
  8. maybe have interest?
  9. Maybe a "everytime I put something there you charge me money" type of thing

    When we put money or take out money from our bank account we get charged 10 rupees everytime. This makes the economy circulate a little bit and prevents spamming from unknowingly little griefers.
  10. nah thats charge by interest i mean like say you have 100,000r then over time that will increase so everyday its goes up by 10-20r? love the charge idea to stop griefers/spammers
  11. Well.... that sort of makes sense but don't we already get 100 rupees a day? And more for supporters? So that idea kinda gives a disadvantage.
  12. only for bank accounts maybe have a max amount you can put in?
  13. Still like I said, disadvantage. Your earning too much rupees lol.
  14. No earning interest. Sure, that's how real banks work, but we don't need this like a real bank. This is more of a apot under the mattress than a bank. Put the money there, you have a deposit fee to prevent spamming it, and you take out the exact same amount, minus the deposit fee.
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  15. Haha Your a fellow debater.I like the solvency.