Banging your head off a wall - Todays tale!

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  1. Every so often on my Residence on SMP7, lot 14008 the Arabian Marketplace, I'll hold little promotions or events to get the punters through the arches and into my Merchants stalls. The stalls are all taken by various players who sell numerous wares through them.

    My promotions take the style of Diamond throwing events. Either at random, for free, or on the basis of a 'Buy One get a Diamond Free'.

    Today it was the turn of Curundu to get the attention on his stall.

    I told people what was happening, and after a bit of jiggling, decided to do the 'Buy One' basis.

    The concept was simple.

    People come into Curundu's tent one at a time and buy something. It could be Bones for 10r, it didn't matter, and I'd give them a free Diamond.


    The carnage that ensued was ridiculous. Shoving and pushing, people jumping in front of other people.

    It took me almost 15 minutes, some dirt and a door to get this result:


    Eventually, it started to flow smoothly and people were happily coming in the front, buying something, getting a Diamond, then out the back door and even going back to queue again if they wanted, that was fine by me.

    Yet still someone was shouting in Town chat it was a scam.:rolleyes:

    The point of this is though, why was it so hard to get people to organise themselves? No-one was taking charge of the situation, no-one was really voicing common sense apart from one or two people. I had to put dirt and a door in to stop people charging into the tent and stealing diamonds from each other.

    Crazy stuff.

    Oh, and then someone just comes out and says to me in Town chat:

    "can i have money?"

    And wonders why I go off on one, but apparently as other people say, there's nothing wrong with asking for money like a beggar.
    When I asked them why they thought it was acceptable to ask me for money like that, I get:
    as a reply.

    Is it really that bad?

    Whatever happened to earning your keep?!

    Mmm. My rant is over. :)
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  2. Lol, Looking for a security guard?
  3. Okay, I just spent 5 minutes laughing my head off. The business was nice too. :D
  4. Only if he's a heavily armed security guard. That mob was getting violent.

    I do recall someone screaming: "STOP ******* SHOVING!" which although I was getting quite irate with people by that stage, still had me laughing my ass off, happy to know that someone else was getting annoyed as me. :)
  5. Reminds me of black friday Christmas shopping.
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