Baned Again?.......It's getting old! and my view on Diamond supporters

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by VinXians, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. I was baned agian and keep in mind im not proud of it! when i make resonible points in an argument they get mad and report me :p. I read the rules and I have encountered many ppl that have broke them countless times and even if i report them nothing happens. Now when a diamond supporter or gold supporter reports its a diffrent story. admins come ona nd Ban me. i mena c'mon WTF its gettin old!
    EMC has lost its Jazz. Ive been a member since smp1 was the only server and i must say things have changed.....
  2. You broke the rules.
    You were banned.

    Where is the disconnect here?
  3. Can we get some spelling nazis in here please?

    I take it you're mad for getting banned...
  4. 5 days seems extreme!
  5. So you're complaining about a ban THAT WASN'T EVEN A PERM BAN?!? Well this thread is needed...
  6. You were disrespectful to me, and bashed diamond supporters (among other things) in town chat. You claim to have been banned 5 times before, maybe it's time to learn. If you really wish to "appeal" this temp ban, forum PM Aikar.

    Also, supporters and non-supporters are treated identically, no-where does it say that supporters receive better treatment, for the simple reason that they don't.
  7. Not mad just aggravated :mad:
  8. Maybe its time for me to change my attitude!
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  9. Maybe it's time for a perm ban ^^
    Let the meme speak!
    Funny cat.jpg
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  10. I think its time for you to be perm banned.

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  11. maybe its time for admins to not change my post and maybe yall shud mind ur own buisness!
  12. That's why you posted it in a public forum, huh?
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  13. Lol nice try admin
  14. If you want to appeal PM aikar. Take the time off to rethink why you keep getting banned - I've noted on your account that in my opinion, given your history, the next ban should be permanent.

    Locking thread.
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  15. is that even legal??
  16. Look....Ban me if u want but i want my grave to be amazing :pjk
  17. Admins are Overpowered, you are being immature.
  18. Actually, dude, I'm not a Diamond Supporter. That doesn't mean I don't care about the Empire. But I reported you, and Mods came. Not only Diamond and Golden supporters get "exclusive rights" It's also not THAT hard to not get banned. In my over 300 days on EMC, I've been kicked once, and temp-banned per request. I saw what you were doing, and it just wasn't acceptable. Think before you act. That made no sense.
  19. And given your comments on this thread, I've gone ahead and perma-banned you. You'll need to appeal to aikar / me if you so choose.
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