Bandit's 1000th day Event + AMA

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  1. So as a few people on EMC have pointed out, i am on my 999th day on EMC ( the best server on minecraft ).

    So, ask me anything and if its within my power I will answer it ^^

    So now for the tricky part, if you guess two words that I have thought of, I will give you 1 Mineral Mincers, 12 Gapples aswell as 50k rupees. The words are scattered among many sign's across my res on 17771 smp8

    Dont just look on top or below my res, a little in between might help
    I have hidden many signs around my res on 17771 SMP8 which includes the letters of the words :p good luck finding them lol xD

    First Person to Say the two words correctly in this thread win and get the prizes above ^^

    First come first serve so hurry ^^
    Good luck!
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  2. Congrats on 1000 days!
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  3. The words are completely random btw :p
  4. Assuming there are only eight letters, here's my guess:
    - Shop
    - Lore

    If this is wrong, are the capital letters significant?


    Found another character..
    - Plot & Here's
    - Plots and Here
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  5. Im gonna try...

    - Hero
    - Slept

    - Hotel
    - Ropes

    - Hotel
    - Spore

    I hope I got them good! :D
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  6. Happy 1000 days! ... tommorow..

    My guess:


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  7. rHoPelse,

    Her Poles?
    Hole Pres?
    HoPe lesr?
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  8. Sort Help
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  9. No one has got it :p there are 10 letters in total, dont forget to be thorough :p

    Dont forget to ask me anything ^^
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  10. Are the two words related, or is it just 2 random words?
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  11. Yes, the two are related ^^
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  12. Is there any relevance to the fact there are 2 capital letters? and 8 lower case letters?
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  13. No, just accidently used caps xD
  14. HPlseetroo, Have fun. (kyzoy ruined my fun :()
  15. rHoPelseto

    Plot and Heroes
  16. Is there any more hints that you could possibly give us?
  17. Petrol Hose
  18. Gg ^^ will send the stuff sunday night lel
  19. Qwerty wins
  20. This is still an ama so ask me anything ^^
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