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  1. I proudly present the opening of my building service where i will build anything you need to be built from Mall to House to Museum. Ill build it exactly as you want it and if you need something smal to be changed no problem!.
    Things that i have built: http://imgur.com/a/8EVBi
    Leave a Project with a small description down below and i will reply as fast as i can!
    You can also find me on SMP9 or SMP6 where ill be working on other projects!
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  2. Could you do a ranch? Also, what are you thinking payment wise?
  3. How much for a basic mall design?
  4. Wilderness builds?
  5. Can you make and slab a wither farm?
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  6. I certainly can do a ranch, and the payment is in rupees but the price depends on the size of the project. The building materials are exclusive to the labor price.
  7. Again it really depends on the size and the complexety of the project.
    But under basic i would say around 1000-1500 rupees
  8. He means a wither skeleton farm i believe:)
  9. No sorry i only do town builds, because then there is a garanty that the building will still be there and not took apart by a troll.
  10. I can try but there is no certainty of me succeeding because i never build one before.
  11. I figured, but thanks anyways!:)
  12. What smp are you on so we can talk in game?
  13. I am on SMP9 and will be on in about 2 hours
  14. If you arent on then you can always send a ingame email
  15. I am free at the moment bump!
  16. I may have a project for you. Do you design as well as build?