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  1. i know i will never be unbanned for what my sister did is there another server i can go on?
  2. Why did you ask for another sever on this forum? You could ban appeal by PM'ing a staff member, depending how bad the offense
  3. Spamming the forms with this wont help. :)
  4. .....
  5. Its his second post about this.
  6. talk to JustinGuy hes the head admin talk to him if u would like to be unban or talk to jermy the other admin or always talk to shaunwhite1982 hes really nice. But if u did really somthing bad propbly u wont get unban sorry... But u may get unban theres always a chance:)
  7. Oh... I'm sorry I thought this was his first thing :oops: Derp
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Not open for further replies.