Ban timer broken?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MEINCRAVTA, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. I came on today at 3:01 Sharp, to find i had 24 hours left. More than i expected, but able to deal with. Then when i come on at 6:34, it says 23 hours left, and it has been 3 hours? Is this some kind of glitch?
  2. It says 22 hours now, but i still don't get it?
  3. Yeah the timer works fine, but the way it is reported kinda doesn't. It rounds up/down depending on hours left, not sure which formula it uses to calculate its remaining time for report though. I dont know why it does this, but basically if it reports under 24 hours it is pretty much correct.

    Currently square tells me you have "about 23 hours" left, which can be anywhere between 22.5 and 23.5 hours.
  4. To be more precise, your ban expires at 18:36 server time, which is running at -6 GMT.
  5. So, if I live in California....Can you help me out?
  6. I believe San Francisco, California is at -7 GMT, which would mean ban lifted at 5.36pm.
  7. U shouldn't have gotten ban in the first place :)
  8. Why does everyone say this to be funny? It really isn't, that is besides the point, and spam of some sort, its not funny really, and Im tired of everybody saying this.
  9. Would it be rude if we take bets on how long it is until your next ban? :D
  10. then dont get banned :) also i clicked on ur egg thingy wat does that do?
  11. 3 days (40r) jkjk
  12. Silly's professional onion on the subject matter : Onions go good with a lot of other different things. Also maybe if you didn't get banned people wouldn't make jokes.
  13. hmmm what if i dont like onions.... then wat..:confused:
  14. You are some kind of abomination.
  15. You know, I always thought he might be....

    Kidding, of course ;)
  16. To Catch an Abomination. Its my latest show that will be playing in my head between 3:00-4:00am est.
  17. Hopefully at least 3 months. Thats when ill probably be bored, not saying i will try, but just saying.
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  18. i also dont like soda and HATE ketchup