BAN SeaDog101

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Ban Plz

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Ok 2 vote(s) 50.0%
No 2 vote(s) 50.0%
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  1. Seadog101 is being abusive is cussing and annoying me and Rakumon23. I would Like Him Banned For Being Mean, Annoying, an for stealing in a trade session.
  2. Yes, we need some proof. Maybe Justin can review the Chat Logs to help you out.
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  3. I totally agree.
  4. Even ask rakumon23 he is being annoying abusive and he stole. i cant proof tha he stole b cuz i can go into his inventory
  5. Any1 know how to msg an admin? if so do so :)
  6. pwn we can't rely on the word of your friend. we need proof.
  7. Like what proof can i give you. I cant record the chat. All im saying is he was being abusiveand stealing and i want action done
  8. then you should of screenshotted- cmd shift 4 or fn f2 for mac otherwise its prt screen or f2
  9. my laptop is windows and has a fn button just saying....but proof or GTFO(hate to be so harsh but it is the truth)
    Proof is required for all claims of griefing and abusive behavior.....
  10. Pwn, you can take screenshots with F2 and it saves in your minecraft folder. Unless someone is actually there (Admin/Mod) or you have some kind of proof, we can't go on words alone. Otherwise, we'd have people left and right making claims that someone did something bad just because they didn't like them.

    I'm not saying YOU'RE doing that, but that is why we have to have that rule in place.
  11. you can't push f2 on a mac without using fn it just raises your brightness don't be smart we know you have an fn key
  12. Ah, I didn't know that didn't work on Macs that way. If you are playing on a Mac and playing MC, does your options show you a different way to take a screencap than F2?
  13. nah just tab doesn't work you have to rekeybind and its just to use your f keys you have to hold down fn its only use for fn on a mac
  14. wow ive been abused on mah b day and no actions can be taken...... not a good b day. Thread Over.
  15. Sorry man. But hopefully you understand why we have to do it that way and will now know how to correctly get it done in the future. :)
  16. Actually Just tried f2 for a screen shot...... 1 my com doesnt save/store it and 2 it crashed my minecraft........ What Do i Do now?
  17. if you are on a mac as your picture suggests do cmd shift 4 if not use a camera :)or prt screen on pc
  18. im not on mac...... and idk what prt screen is..... all i know is f2 =mc crash
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