ban requst (not sure if this is the right place to post)

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  1. To EMC moderators,
    I wold like to request that you ban Name Removed for using bad language on smp9.
    At about 3:15 pm on wensday the 27th, Name Removed used the f word. Name Removed said he reported him but Name Removed also said he reported Name Removed . Please do not ban Name Removed because he did not do anything wrong. and by the way, Name Removed called Name Removed a jerk and me an idiot so he dos not seen like a very good person.
    I hope you take this note into consideration, sincerely,
  2. pm one of the mods such as shaunwhite or nursekilljoy
  3. we have /report for this, the mods can check the chat log
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  4. 1. dont use the forums to report people. :)
    2. every single report in game is sent to square, where mods check it and the chat log to make sure the report is legit. And not someone going around banning people because they are mad.
    3. If the report system is not fast anough for you, it's because of the amount of mods using square and/or online. So you can always go to the emc website and start a conversation with a moderator/admin.
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  5. To add on.
    NEVER EVER post someones name on the forums in a negative way, even with proof.
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  6. Sorry, i didn't know you were not supposed to use the forums for ban requests. :( In other severs i have played on this was the only way to report someone. I do think the EMC way is better though.
  7. So many "Name Removed" this was pretty funny to read xD
  8. wat.
  9. look at the quote boxes for you.
  10. Haha I missed that xD
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