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  1. I have seen how RawLegends steal all my diamonds, gold, obsidian and many others expensive thing from my chest! And destroyed my pool >:
    I tryed to speak to him but he went to spawn and leave the game!
  2. server smp4
  3. So. Does he have Perms to your res? Do you have a screenshot? No proof? No Ban!
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  4. It's impossible to get something from someone's residence without having the permissions from residence plugin
    */res pset player build t*
    */res pset player container t*

    Please do /res default right now in order to set all the permissions to default.
    As S_R_L_B sayed, you need to have prooves in order for admins/mods to make the ban and refund you.
    IF the chest (or chests) was at wilderness you are the only responsable for this since is pretty much clear at the empire guide that wilderness world is NOT secure.


    This is the normal world (Overworld) on each SMP server. This is where you adventure to find resources. You can go anywhere and build anything you like, however your stuff is not safe like it is in Town. Please respect what other players have built, those caught griefing will be banned."

    pd:/ S_R_L_B are you admin/mod to say something like this?
    I think you should re-write your post.
  5. It was in wilderness. So looks like there isn't any evidences. But it's true. RawLegends is dirty thief. Be careful if u meet him.
  6. Timbo_stas i could help you with some tools, meet me in 10 mins at smp3 ill give u some iron, food and tools :)
    Please claim a residence and let your stuff in there DO NOT place a chest with valuable stuff at wilderness or use this> to lock it.
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  7. Copherfield thanks for your understanding, but we have already extracted enough iron, coal and food to replace lost. But he also stole many diamonds and gold. I hope someday it will happen to him
  8. It's ok then :) please, the next time be aware of f2 and to make a post like this :)
  9. i have encountered him in the forest. i literally chased him and he then logged of. stole 24 diamonds :(
    there is no proof but witnesses
  10. I'm sorry but if its in the wild and its not locked, its kind of your fault for leavening the stuff their or trusting him.
  11. True or not. How about PMing a mod/admin as asked and stated on the site. Posting here, imo, just shows bitterness and an inability to follow procedure.
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  12. It is clear in the rules, in basic English that, "If you steal from other people you will be permanently banned."

    Should this be amended to, "If you steal from other people when someone can see you then you might get banned."?
  13. It is most definitely against the rules to steal. If someone is caught stealing it is an Automatic ban. However, for action to be taken, there has to be proof for the player in question to truly be "caught" stealing. EMC staff rarely just takes someone's word for it, but we do note it. When someone is accused of stealing, we do watch them, same with greifing. We keep an eye, because if bad behavior happens once, it more than likely will happen again.

    We try our best to keep the Empire clean, its not the easiest job. And the sad reality is, most of us will run into at least one troublesome player while we are here. It is aggravating that we have to put up with that, but it is just how it is.
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  14. I just caught nayll stealing things from my chest while I was working in the wild on smp3. I tried to be friendly until I found out they were missing. I wouldve gladly shared if they asked.
  15. You have to understand the reason we do it the way we do. If person A sent me a PM saying that YOU stole from their chest in the wild, would you want me to automatically ban you, without checking on it first or just assuming it was true?

    Silly/obvious question I know, but that's how we have to look at things. Not saying the topic creator here is a liar, but it has happened.
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  16. I just imagineif this person stole from somebody else as well, they would've already been noted as under suspicion.
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  18. He came back and tried to kill me. I have pics of him looting and trying to kill me with lava. How do I upload the photos?
  19. Use and send the photos to me in a conversation.
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  20. Oh but you are wrong, copherfield this has happened to many players and... its usually comes because of some modded clients..This has happened to player even on their own residences.