Ban for no reason???????

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by xFallenwishx, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. OKay so i got ban for 1 day for no reason at all? hwilson sent me 5000r for 64 diamond (as i said selling 64 diamonds) and he came by my shop and bought the 64 diamonds, then he said gimme back 5000r and rpeorted me and such okay? his fault he was being retarded and bought 64 diamond for that much?? then he have a mod that takes sides and made me pay him back, once i did pay him back, And THEN I GOT BAN FOR THIEF AND DISOBEYING A MOD? is aikar retarded???? im pretty sure i paid him back even though i dindt ask for that much so there goes thief and i did pay him so there for disobeying? okay, Get your noodle check retard and learn to read.
  2. Are you trying to get unbanned if so you have to message and explain why you should be unbanned.
  3. Ok. If you are trying to be unbanned (which you are clearly doing wrong, you must PM aikar if you want to have your ban lifted) then you never will be. In this post alone you have said things that are highly unacceptable. Our staff are hand-picked and are the best of the best. If you have a legitimate issue with actions by a mod, PM Justin. However, your complete inability to realize that actions have consequences will result in you never returning to EMC. (I an referencing your blatant and inconsiderate use of the word 'retard' here.)
  4. Good Job, because your behavior here proves that we do not need you here. Enjoy your upgraded ban.
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  5. PM Jeremy*

    But I gave you fair warning if you didnt listen to me you would receive a ban and forcefully remove the money from you, yet you decided to fight me over it left and right. I made the decision to ban you before you returned the money since you disobeyed my order, but waited to convince you to do return the money first so I wouldn't have to involve jeremy or shaun.

    Goodbye :)
  6. Fixed. :p
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