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  1. So, I found out today there is a flag called "Banned" I noticed this when trying to visit a banned player's residence and looking /res info (res # here). So, I was talking to my friend wisepsn, and he set banned to t on his res... Now, no, he is not banned, but even I with all perms to his res, can't go on it. >.> This is great to make people think you are banned, then realize you are banned lol... Not, exactly troll to people trying to get to your res, but to the system it is. :p banned flag should be like pvp flag, where you can't change it lol :p I know another art of trolling, that I will share with you, AFTER you share with me your stories of trolling :p
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  2. I'm confused here, by what you've described it only seems the same as putting move to false.
    What's the difference?
  3. lol it's supposed to be in help and support :p I troll >.> lawl
    Just hoping it get's fixed soon :confused:
  4. the chat says this person is banned when you try and go on it
  5. The banned flag denies literally everything, even to people with perms. It even prevents shop use. I don't think you should be able to toggle it though...
  6. I tryed it, and I toggled it. It was hilarious. XD
  7. Yes that's the main point of this thread >.< Can you move this to the help and support forum and rename it to Ban flag? Thanks :p
  8. I trolled on my 2nd res lol
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  9. Lol bump
  10. Get a command block, make it /Thor and /heal on someone then set to Redstone clock. mwahahahaha