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Should we get unbanned

yes 2 vote(s) 40.0%
no 3 vote(s) 60.0%
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  1. i was recently permanently banned from empire, i was on server smp6 my minecraft user is ByMarky and the reason i was banned because apparently i scammed aerokill. but really what happened was he had a typo on one of his items at his shop, its was diamond one saying you could buy it for 48 and the sign bellow said you could sell it for 148. and what me and my friends did was take advantage of that but we did not think it would cause us getting banned. i dont reckon it deserves being banned it was his fault and if it would let me back on the servers i would give all the rupees that me alone took from him, i took around 6,000r. my friends names are masterpav and Pavlova123 and they both took around 8k each.but i unfortunatly took his shop items buying them then doing the diaomond thing. but thats barely anything compared to Stealthopig458 which took around 130k+ and gave me and my friends 70kr each so pls unban us.
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  2. Please start a private conversation with the moderator that banned you. If you can't remember who, see if this jogs your memory;

    Our rules don't allow anyone to make public ban appeals. :) This is between the staff and the person(s) involved.
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  3. holy crap why do people always appeal here???? they never know how to appeal???
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  4. thank you
  5. I love it when you see a thread about someone abusing an error, and the next day you see action being taken.

    FYI ByMarky, I believe IcecreamCow banned you.
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  6. Don't believe people who abuse an error should be banned its the shops fault and thats final
  7. I disagree i think if a player see a clear error like that, be honest and inform the person

    your taking advantage of a clear error in typing in alrights i think the action taken was fair

    you can always look at it as. what if it happened to you. I dont think you would just shrug it off and and go " trololol you got me "
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  8. Guys we don't know the full story. The only ones who know the full story are the shop owner, the people who abused the typo and the mod who can see chatlogs and whatnot. Not only could he have abused the error but the shop owner could have nicely asked for his money back only to get a rude reply or the person banned made a huge deal and drama etc. There could be other circumstances to this ban that we don't know. He could have done the deed and been banned due to taking advantage of the error instead of informing the shop owner. This could be considered a scam that the people took advantage of. It's up to the mods on those issues. Most younger players and some older, who do get banned will try to fix the story to make it seem as if they did no wrong.
  9. Perhaps when someone get's banned they should have a to start a PM with the staff member who banned them... It could say after the banned reason and such (I don't know what it says when you get banned, just guessing) To appeal your ban click here:
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  10. Just a heads up that a statement like that has put you on our watch list. A lot of things don't get under my skin but the belief that it's okay to take advantage of another person as okay really grinds my gears...
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