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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by WaterShrub, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Hey, Buffalopancake1 here. I got banned a decent time ago and I'm really regretting it. I loved this server then got ticked off. But I've calmed and I really would love to be one of the players on your server.
  2. Wrong way to appeal, please PM the mod who banned you.
    *EDIT* haha, actually got in first in one of these things.
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  3. Wrong way to appeal. PM the mod who banned you, don't start a thread.
  4. I didn't get banned by a mod.....
  5. Then how?
  6. It was one of the plugins like auto spam I think.
  7. Right o then, PM any mod.
  8. Oh, I see. I'd talk to Aikar about it, he's the programmer, so that might help. ;)
  9. Submit your ban appeal here!
  10. You'll probably get appealed because normally when the server bans someone it sends a text to JustinGuy or something and he looks at it because sometimes the server makes mistakes...
  11. Wrong way to appeal. In future, just PM an online mod if this ever happens again. Auto-Spam kicks/bans are sometimes inaccurate.
  12. Thanks guys! I hope to be on again soon.
  13. So your sure Icecream is on?
  14. He made a thread 14 minutes ago, and he usually doesn't turn up in the online mods section. He MAY be online right now.
    Also, going to request this thread to be locked ;)
  15. Wait nvm I saw the thing about him being off I pm'd another mod
  16. Well SYSTEM doesnt make any errors. And you can be pissed without spam raging.
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