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  1. Hi
    recently i just got banned of EMC for a apparent illegal mod but i am here to prove my innocence, i was caught flying on my friends residence with no mods on but some mod pack i got at off a friend at school.I didn't know there was a fly mod included but once someone named jack something took some screenshots i forced updated and i couldn't fly so i wasn't my fault and i would Please like to be back on cos this is my FAVORITE server. my mc username in liamidas.
    Please accept this and let me back on, anyone pelase
  2. Please PM your ban appeal to the moderator who banned you. If you're not sure, this might help you out:

    Good luck, but FYI, if you were using a mod pack I'm assuming all those mods are illegal. :)
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  3. I'm pretty sure its your fault for flying... Also, PM a mod.
  4. That's not for us to decide. :)
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  5. I know, but I find it hard to believe that he pressed space twice, and never realized he was flying..
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  6. You need to PM Maxarias if you haven't already. Alternatively, you can PM myself and I will add Maxarias to the conversation for you to discuss your ban.
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