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  1. I was banned today it said i was banned for having illegal mods and grifering considering i have no mod and have not griferd any res or place i don't understand why i was banned the only thing i could come up with is my cousin may have logged on as me and messed around or i got hacked but if this is the case then i am terribly sorry and i am changing my password imidatly please consider unbanning me if you want i could show you screen shots of my minecraft after you unbann me weekly to prove i have no mods if you would like i really love this server and i have been a part of it for almost a year now and i haven't got banned or kicked once that i know of please at lease consider un banning me thankyou for your time
  2. wrong way to appeal a ban, message the mod that banned you and talk to him/her
  3. which mod banned you?
    -PM that mod
    -Posting here will take away your chances of getting an appeal
    -You don't get warnings for illegal mods and griefing..
  4. Why do they always have the same excuse my brother,cousin,dad,mom,etc. logged on as me and did bad stuff, if you did it own up to it lying isn't going to get you anywhere.

    Also not the right place for it send it to the mod who banned you not post it in the community.
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  5. Wrong way to appeal
  6. This thread will be closed once a moderator catches wind of it..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.