Bamboo Hotel

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  1. Hello! I'm choon, as you may know, and I've recently been looking at the hotel business.

    Now, I am a HORRID designer, and I can't build. So, I want to enlist some help from the community! Just help me design the hotel, and I can pay you! (Hopefully!)
    Other than job prospects, I want you to actually see the hotel, and perhaps live in it also.

    Now, I don't do permanent subscriptions, as I find that a bit odd. So, I only do weekly/monthly payments.
    The hotel is on smp6, #12816.

    For a week, 25r.
    For a month, 115r

    Designer Requirements:
    • Has been on EMC for over 100 days, and is active most of the time. (Meaning, can't have played 25 days, and took a break for 75 days.
    • Has good building skills.
    • Willing to put up with me.
    • Doesn't need to use voice chat. (I do NOT use any type of voice chat.)
    Alternate Requirements.
    • Instead of being on EMC for over 100 days, you can be an "Active Member" on the forums!

    Designer Application:
    Banned before:
    If so, why:
    Building Abilities:

    (P.S. I think this is the appropriate place for the thread)
  2. I would like to help.
    IGN: Look to your left.
    Banned before: No.
    If so, why: N/A
    Building Abilities: I am a pretty good designer when I am left to think about the design for a bit, but when I need to build something fast I am pretty much the 5x5x3-cobblestone-no-windows-one-door-house guy.
  3. Neat! Accepted! I'll send a PM over to you to discuss details. ^.^