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  1. Well, its been a good run, but I am canceling my subscription, and I'm not really playing anymore. Its not because I don't have the time, its just that I have other interests and will probably not be on AT ALL until 1.3 comes out, whenever that may be. (Watch, someones gonna say it already came out and I'm gonna look like a foo) Some people are probably fist-pumping when they see this thread, but I don't care. I just thought it would be nice to say a formal goodbye.

    P.S. Just because Im leaving, it isn't fair for Justin and all the nice people here if 20 more people leave, or if everyone says "Why is every1 leaving ZOMG). So Bai.
  2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
  3. Another one? Sheesh, Cya Mein.
  4. when i leave (never:)) i wont make a dramatic thread like "i'm leaving good buy i will still be on sometimes so good bye" no i will just give all my r to my friend and leave
  5. Im not LEAVING, I'm taking a break, for a long a month or so, jeez
  6. Sounds like your quitting to me..
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  7. A month is not long,
  8. Best of luck, MEINCRAVTA.

    1.3 might be interesting, so maybe see you later.

    If there's anything I can do - e.g. if you need a place to store stuff - let me know.

  9. See ya, meincravta

    Never meet in game but on the threads here and there

    I just took a break too from EMC for about a week." made no thread it was beach time lol"
    Anyways hopefully you come back to see what EMC doing then, a lot can happen in a month so be careful :)

  10. Good luck in your future 'ventures.

    I was forced to take a break from EMC for a month once, I hated it.