Bad Things.

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  1. So, I rejoined SMP3 after it was down.

    I was in lava.
    I died.

    So sad right now. I lost both my enchanted Pickaxes and a ton of stuff I don't remember. :( Terrible world is terrible. :( :(
  2. :eek: How come spawned in lava?
  3. I was in a two-block high cavern. Minecraft made the executive decision to move me to a 'safer' location. Which was in lava.
  4. .... Fail.. Sorry about that
  5. That stinks :( how about you pull an "American" and sue minecraft for losing items lol
  6. So a list of the Casualties of Lava:

    • Diamond Pickaxe (Silk Touch)
    • Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency IV and Unbreaking III)
    • Stone Pickaxe 8x
    • Water Bucket 2x
    • Obsidian 68x
    • Dirt ???x
    • Cobblestone 192x +
    • Iron Sword
    • Iron Hoe
    • Melon 256x (Approx)
    • Redstone 64 - 128
    • Iron 22 - 64
    • Gold 1 - 11
    • Diamond 0 - 0 (:P)
    • Other Misc Stuff ???x
  7. i can give you 68 more obsidian if you really needed it.
  8. I only had it because my mine constantly goes through Lava Lakes and it is more efficient to dig through the obsidian that would be created by water than to use cobble or something to remove the lava. I have tons of obsidian already, so it's okay there.

    Thanks though :)
  9. RUNNING water is your friend... lava lakes + running water = no die + no cooked obsidian.
  10. Well, I spawned in Lava with no armor so...
    Yeah, I didn't have that option.
  11. Fly away!!! lol
  12. sad times...

    i had something similar, happen once... recently. I had been mining for 4 hours. Had 2 and a half stack of diamonds.. i was just about to head home, i tend to travel without armor (not anymore) and then started to staircase up, the very first block i break, lava lake, 3 seconds later, dead. I tried to find my location again, but by the time i did. Despawned. I was very upset. Almost rage quit reaction.
  13. Didnt u see the lava drops?
  14. Yeah, I had it happen when I was in a boat at a spawn point. /Home out and OMGWTFBBQ - don't warp from IN A boat.
  15. Were you able to get your items back since it was at a spawn?

    @Crazy - sorry to hear about that btw. I always freak out when i am in the wild and get dropped from the server. Never know what you will come back to.
  16. No - I warped off into abyss THEN died.... I wrote them off.
  17. This was fixed with the locking items in the wild update :)
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