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  1. Ok so i tryed more than 50 times to enter, I re-installed my minecarft more than 3 or 4 times, and still gives me bad login. This only happens in empire servers. Help me before brake my monitor my keyboard for 2 time.
  2. Yah, I have the same problem. It's weird. I think it is just a bug and should be fixed soon.
  3. Me too! Its making me mad :(
  4. don't break them, its not worth it, I just got my laptop fixed b/c I cracked its screen >:/ 60 bucks out my pocket, but my new screen is better then my last one :D
  5. Sweet, we're at 3 threads now. New record! Supposedly Mojang is aware of it and it's not an EMC issue. Just keep trying, maybe try using a different version on minecraft.
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  6. I am having this problem as well, I was using it fine this morning but since I got home and tried to log back on to continue editing my plot on SMP9, it says failed log in: bad log in. :*(
  7. this is horrible, I want to do stuff on EMC but I cant :mad:
  8. Just spam the thing. After about 30 tries I got in.
  9. people don't want to spend 30 min to get in though
  10. Exit minecraft, log back in, then go, usually works if i do that, but yea i want this to be fixed ):
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  11. Apparently using Direct Connect works a bit better. You just have to try about 10 times and you'll be able to connect.
  12. It only seems to be a small group of us, due to there being 54 people on SMP9...
  13. u r amazing! I was able to connect on 3rd try!
  14. I found direct connect was failing but when I joined an added server it worked.
  15. That's just the only 100% effective way to get into any server that I know of.
    If people don't want to be patient, that's fine on them.
    I'll just be mining.
  16. damn, this is fustrating
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  17. Ok, so, the next time i see notch or jeb, i will make them suffer, tembos of Mojang, can't run a game!
  18. The servers need to be restarted. I done that on a server I 'own', and it worked.
  19. I finally have some time to play, and I can't. :(
  20. direct connect just worked for me :)