bad login (im not a crack user)

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by coolminecaleb, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. it wont let me join smp1
  2. Update your Java? Restart your routers/modems? Restart your computer? The server software might be a bit rocky/turbulent after the player cap was enlarged to 60. But I'm not that familiar with Java, server software, or coding one bit, so I'm probably wrong. 'Twas just a thought.

    If all else fails....pray for devine intervention?

    I had this problem in the past, and after restarting my computer I could login to my home server, SMP 2. Hope you luck out the same.

    Good luck.

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  3. clintwards has offered you all possible solutions to your problem...

    Aside from your need to present to us that you do not smoke crack on a consistent basis, which is something we did not need to know. :p

    *The bitten dog barks the loudest.... Are you trying to inform us that you are not a paying member? :eek:
  4. HAHAHA I too looked at the title of the post and snickered . Didn't want to crack a joke about it though, (see what I did there? hardeeharhar), lest I be banned because of some Big Brother law/statute (did anyone say SOPA?). Pardon my corniness, I'm going to go crawl up in the corner and die now.
  5. lol a crack user is minecraftsp and can only play crack server LOL