Bad Login error

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  1. So I realized its not the minecraft server thats the bug, its this "Why do I have to enter my Minecraft username and password to join? " where, oh wow, copy paste....wierd. anyway. Where do I do this? Am I waiting for an email?
  2. Did you send an email to the address in the FAQ thread?
  3. That is just to sign up for the site, and you have already done that :)

    You can play on the server by pointing your game at

    Hope this answers your question :)
  4. I see the 32/100 player icon but I still get the bad login
  5. Oh you need to completely close Minecraft, wait a few minutes then open it again. This is a bug that sometimes happens, I just joined fine.
  6. HAHA, nice. I'm so antsy I couldn't keep the minecrack under control.

    2 energy drinks at work didn't help
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  7. Haha dude I know what you mean