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  1. Please do not create theads about SMP9 being down. Cow and Aikar have been mercilessly pinged in IRC, so they're aware.

    The server will be up ASAP.

    Staff CAN NOT kick you. Please just wait until a reboot can be done.
  2. Hey hey hey guys
    hey guys
    the server
    its back up
  3. Re-opened and changed title as SMP9 is back down. I've let Aikar know for when he wakes up. Please be patient everyone. :)
  4. ahh our beloved problem child smp9 server! and i got the luck of getting stuck, unable to relog onto the other servers. well time to troll the emc forums for abit then lol.
  5. So I won't create a thread then to mention this.
  6. I have my residence on smp9 but I cant login/start playing on smp9. I can login on other smpĀ¤, please help what is wrong with smp9?
  7. It's an issue with the server, we can't help until it's fixed, sorry.
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  8. thanks, for the quick reply
  9. Smp9 is back up!!!!
  10. Back up :)
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Not open for further replies.