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  1. Hey guys, today i have a party! I was locked out of minecraft and recently found a way back, and i was planning a party from BEFORE i was locked out. Here's the finished result if you come! Here is the info:
    Res 5392 on utopia. NOTE: all people can access utopia but only supporters wild/nether
    At 9-10 am EST
    This party will include:
    -Lots of games
    -Snowball fight
    -Free buffet

    And more! My assistiant is 5weety, so don't be surprised if she shows up to help.
    Happy partying! -Rosy2696
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  2. I'm coming! :D Dis gun be gud.
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  3. Note: Starting at 9:10 est, only had 3 people and i need more
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  4. Come on people. We need more partiers!
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  5. Where that gif when you need it... ;)
  6. ^thats where it is! :p^
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  7. lol thats 7:10am for me XD sorry I couldnt make it
  8. That's a bid early haha.
    Most people I know don't get up till 10 during the summer :p