Back from my party ^_^

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  1. Couldnt find another pictrure niht im going to bed, i dont feel well.
  2. Misty's?
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  3. I'm confuse...
  4. lol okay....
    let us know how you get on with those babes
  5. Ima going to try to find another picture lol
  6. I am assuming Misty's is a Canadian version of Hooters; in which case, he stands no chance with those women.
  7. What's the point of this? O.e
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  8. Exactly my first thought lol
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  9. "The babes there are amazing :D"
    And this is what I read...
    "Minecraft is amazing :D"
    I need a life ;-;
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  10. yesw minecraft is amazing