Bachelors Party for Melk73!

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    You are Invited!
    On the 31st of January brick strike and I will be hosting a bachelors party before Melk73 is sucked into the jaws of marriage. The party will have some events on other servers. Please contact me via Skype, contact me on mumble, or exchange emails with me. RSVP for it via PM. Some of the events will include lap dances from bitemenow15, mini games on another server, and kit pvp on another server. There will be a party at 3883 and then time at the pool next door. There will be free refreshments and food.

    When: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM. You can show up any time you want. Until melk shows up it is simply celebrating my divorce with deathconn.
    Date: January 31, 2014 Contact both myself and brick strike if you want to come
    Location: 3883 SMP2 and other servers
    • Dancing from bitemenow15
    • disco is still alive party at 3883
    • pool party next door
    • minigames on other servers
    • kit pvp on other servers
  2. For some reason my return bar isn't working :confused:
    Fixed :D
    Reserved for later.
  3. Lmao oh boy.. I loved that "Sucked into the jaws of marriage" xP like damn
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  4. LOL bite xD everyone has to make money somehow
    ill remember to bring my tips
  5. Oh no, he is willing to do it for fun. I am not even passing him (don't tell him that).
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  6. Buckets of milk or lodz of melons? :D
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  8. Who edited the OP ~_~
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  9. Ill be there
  10. What? :p
    Anyways, Remember to RSVP Via PM NOT ON THIS THREAD.
    Looking at you bub.
  11. are girls allowed to go?
  12. A mod edited out lap dance from the list.
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  13. Why not i guess xD. Need to keep an eye on your fiancee I assume :p
  14. ... That's called a Bachelorette Party... :p

    EDIT: Darn it Olaf xD
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  15. but who is throwing one for for girls?

    oh really even if I'm a girl :OOO
  16. Usually the Maid of Honor throws a Bachelorette's Party :p
  17. I can make it a bachelors party and a bachelorette party. Why not the both of you's.
    EDIT: Darn it brick xD
  18. Cause that's just called a party.
  19. but idkkkk ahhhh

    imma just go to dis one and olaf yea make it both cause there isn't a lot of girls on emc lol
  20. Gosh darn it. I have no idea. I am between a rock and a hard place.