babywienee21 has joined EMC!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by babywienee21, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Hello all! Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm babywienee21 and I just joined this server. I hope that I can make some friends and enjoy EMC with everyone. Yay.
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  2. *leaves it alone.*

    Welcome to the empire!
  3. haha thanks. any tips?
  4. Tips? Sure!
    1. Be friendly and respectful, and others most likely will reciprocate.
    2. Read the Empire Guide.
    3. Reading the news on the home page and the forums really helps keep up with things going on.
    4. Read the Empire Guide.
    5. Have fun!
    Those are my tips. :D
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  5. Don't give strangers perms on your res (Build mainly)

    and welcome To EMC if you need any help just ask on the forums there are always people looking to help others (Me :p)

    and again Welcome to Empire Minecraft :)
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  6. Ok thanks you two I'm on smp1 res 1071 if u ever want to chat :)
  7. welcome to emc :)
  8. welcome one more thing try to get a res. to build on ;) the wilderness isn't exactly "building friendly"