[B][SMP1] Logs - All Types - 75r each stack!

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  1. The next week we'll be buying logs on SMP1 for 75r each stack as a thank you to the massive support we've gotten from alot of different suppliers.

    SMP1's XL-Store is at res #1783

    If the 75r each stack works - we will keep it as the public buy price, if not we will lower it back to 64r.
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  2. Yeah I can supply!
  3. Also Supplier of the month wins a diamond block!! may's winner is Leiflander
  4. OK! I may end up selling 70+ stacks!!
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  5. Alright I cut all my 6 levels of trees in the next couple of days and sell you them to maybe Wednesday or so
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  6. Sounds PERFECT Dwight5273 - IF the chests should get full - give me or Happyshopper a PM and we will empty them
  7. Alright I'm doing rough estimate should between 80 to 94 stacks , the types of logs being birch,pine, oak.
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  8. Sounds perfect.
  9. i think my oak MIGHT be cheaper.
  10. He is buying at a flat rate so no point selling cheaper
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  11. Hmmm might be selling cheaper but can it keep up with supply and demand lol I'm a supplier so yea :p
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  12. We need a plethora of wood...!!!!
  13. Whats the current status mates?
  14. 60 Stacks to you on Tuesday
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  15. Planing cutting most of it today and the rest Monday
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  16. Other items needed, such as all types of animal spawn egg's!!!!
  17. I have sold you 72 stacks
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  18. Just sold you guys 76 stacks, would be more but got tired of chopping :p i sell you 30 more stacks on Thursday lol
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  19. If there was a non-gayish heart icon on EMC Forums. Picture it here: (H)

    Thanks you two! If needed - keep the logs coming :p
  20. Pth You has an epic auto farm and you dont use it?
    Perhaps i could use it to stock your shop :p