B-day wild partay!!

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  1. Today is my brothers party, and as of today or tommorow I will have a wild party, very far from spawn.
    It will be on smp7, exact date and time has not been done.
    The party will be for building cool things along the way, and fighting mobs, and hopefully, let's team against a momentus. :D
    I will be doing some drops along the way, and this could be the start of my new outpost.
    so bring a bed for setting spawns! hopefully more than one. I will give information when it is clearer, and I can plan it out. Anybody with mini fire floor or spleef arenas in their residences would be cool to play in before we head to wild.
    as we are going far in the wild, there is no guarantee that you will not lose your items. Be cautious.
    I'll see if I can fit pvp and plenty of other things too! before we go. The wild is the main part,
    But I want fun for all, so before events too. If you would like to give some items to be dropped, please PM me I game or on forums.
    Questions, comment below.
    (I understand that this is not a contest or anything, but I'm not rich and I don't have very good stuff right now.)
  2. Cool, I'll try to be there!
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  3. I think I can go for some good pvp right now, I could do some before events right now. :D
    Edit: just learned my computer is broken