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  1. Hey guys it is Equablehook624 and this sunday(june 1st) at 9:00 am central time zone i am having my birthday it will be so much fun i will include:

    Drop party(those are always fun)

    some speaking about myself

    and finaly we will end it off with a bunch of fun just hanging out together

    presents they are always excepted and i always enjoy seeing what everyone surprises me with

    Were is the party at: it is at 3027 at the ballroom on smp2

    If you guys are coming can u just reply to me so i know how many people are coming but btw i got tons of room so more the better. Hope you can all make it chow
  2. sounds fun:D i hope i can make it:p
  3. soons good equalable
  4. GOSH DANG SECOND PARTY I WILL MISS BECAUSE OF VACATION!!! Anyways have fun and happy bday