B-day Bash :p

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  1. So I didn't want to make a big deal about mah bday. But anyways, were gonna blow crap up and stuff at 10025 in like 10 mins. Hope you can come :D

    Well the partay was a BLAST literally :p
    (Yus, those are peoples :p)
    (Note: JackBiggin said this is NOT pvp BECAUSE I said serveral times that you were willing to risk dying in this fun :p)
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  2. Happy B-day!!! :D
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  3. HA i knew it was your birthday when you said in town it was a special day :p, anyways <.<, happeh bifday to u :3
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  4. 2013-07-21_19.32.56.png

    Here is one of the 5 afked people I captured. ;)
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  5. :p 2013-07-21_19.37.47.png
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  6. Updated Main post :D
  7. And here's what it looked like from my perspective :p


    And a pic of the failed, but cozy launcher in town:

    Happy Birthday Minner! :D
  8. My Birthday is today too! hope you enjoyed yours
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  9. Thanks palm :)
    Hey! Maybe next year we can have a joint party! Happy birthday :)
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  10. Flying up in the sky was a "blast" :p anyway happy bday bro :)
  11. This looks amazing, damn shame I missed it. Belated happy B-Day!
  12. Thanks :D